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Zendesk App Development

Zendesk Apps are a great way to add functionality to your Zendesk environment. While you can choose from a range of different apps from Zendesk's own marketplace, most companies will choose to create their own custom apps in order to achieve their goals and enable their agents.

Why do companies use custom Zendesk apps?

Zendesk Apps allow you to truly customize your Zendesk environment according to your needs. Zendesk Apps can...

  • help agents to make informed decisions by displaying details from your own database within the ticket.
  • allow your agents to finish complex workflows at a click of a button by adding extra functionality.
  • add features such as automatic ticket translation.
  • help your team-leader to manage their team more efficiently.
  • integrate your own or 3rd party tools and services.
  • do a lot more. You got an idea? Feel free to contact me. I am happy to bring it to life.

Are you missing a feature in your Zendesk environment?

I enjoy creating custom apps adding extra features and functionalities to Zendesk. Always staying on top of Zendesk's latest developments, I am currently using their newest framework.

Need help to plan your new app?

I enjoy analyzing my client's work-flows in order to come up with the best possible custom apps for them.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


"Our day to day business is so much more efficient. I cannot believe how much time Cedric saved us already. We got hooked after the first custom app. Now we are using ten and Zendesk feels like our own tool, made just for us."

Philipp Theißler (Head of Customer Happiness Team - Runtastic)

"Cedric was great. Super-fast turnaround, in depth knowledge of ZenDesk, and he even made a quick video! Perfect! Would/will absolutely work with him again!"

Charles Edge (Product Manager - JAMF Software)

"Very, very impressed with Cedric's expertise of Zendesk and his suggestions for fixes / workarounds and custom solutions! Professional, prompt and now an integral and permanent part of my client's Zendesk implementation project. I won't be able to finish this without him. Highly recommended"

Christian Cooper (Consultant)

"Wow! At first, I thought nobody could solve our email situation, but Cedric’s extensive skills in customizing Zendesk with smart triggers, custom apps has got us up and running fast. He’s got our work-flows way more efficient, saving us hours of time each week. Thanks."

Michael Clark (CEO - Big Improvements Tutoring)

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