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Signature 4 Groups - Different signatures for groups in Zendesk

By Cedric F. Jacob

Email Signatures are important. So are ticket signatures. They act like a business card and make us look the part. When it comes to signatures in Zendesk, our options are a little limited.

That is where Signature 4 Groups comes into play.

The app allows you to set individual signatures for every group while enabling you to use HTML, dynamic content and any Zendesk placeholders for more dynamic content and styling options as well.

Signature 4 Groups - Use Case Example

Let us assume:

  • You offer German and English support
  • Your support consists of the following groups: Technical Support, Payments Specialist, Customer Service
  • Some agents are part of more than one group

In this case you would like your signature to change the language according to the customer's lanuage settings. Further more, you would like your payment specialst to change his signature when replying to a technical related question.

Now how can this be done?

With Signature 4 Groups you can use dynamic content, that displays the text in the right language. You can also choose a different text for each group. In this example, we will also use HTML to make the signature more professional looking.

And here is a possible the outcome, if an English customer requires about a techical problem:

Signature 4 Groups HTML example

Signature 4 Groups - App Settings

Before you can start using the app, you will need to consider the following two settings:

  1. Enable HTML
  2. Show App for Agents

But not to worry, the setup takes less than 2 minutes and you will be up and running in no time. So let's go!

Enable HTML

Tick this box if you would like to use HTML in your signatures.

Enable App for Agents

Tick the box if you would like your agents to see a preview of their signature in each ticket.

And that is it! Save the settings and give it a try.

Signature 4 Groups - How To

Step 1 - Set the signatures

Signatures can be set using the nav-bar app. Please note: Only admins can set the signatures.

Signature 4 Groups Screenshot 1

Step 2 - Open a ticket

When opening a ticket, a group has to be selected in order for the app to pick the right signature and to release the Submit button.

Signature 4 Groups Screenshot 2

Step 3 - Submit ticket like always

When submitting the ticket, the right signature is set automatically.

Signature 4 Groups Screenshot 3

And here comes the best part

Not only is the app finally available in Zendesk's very own Marketplace, you can use the code below to test the app for free.


Visit Zendesk's Marketplace and try the app for free.




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