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Merging Zendesk Tickets - Using the new Quick Merge app

By Cedric F. Jacob

Merging Zendesk tickets can be a tedious task. But hey, who wants to send the same response to a customer twice, three times or even more often than that?

Not only do your agents lose valuable time, it simply does not look good!

How I used to merge tickets

  1. We click on the user and review any other tickets they may be associated with.
  2. If we found more new, open or pending tickets, we review their content.
  3. A decision is made: Do we need to merge any of the tickets in question?
  4. If so, we mark each ticket, pick a target ticket, decide if we want to notify the requester, and so on...

How I merge my tickets now

For a long time I have been using my own custom app to merge tickets faster and more comfortably. How?

  1. The app will appear when the requester has more new, open or pending tickets
  2. The agent can then review the content right there, without navigating away
  3. In order to merge tickets, the agent simply selects tickets from the list

Visit Zendesk's Marketplace and try the app for free using the coupon code quick_merge_1month_trial.

And here is what the app looks like:

Quick Merge - Step 1

Quick Merge - Step 2

Quick Merge - Step 3

And here comes the best part

Not only is the app finally available in Zendesk's very own Marketplace, you can use the code below to test the app for free.


Visit Zendesk's Marketplace and try the app for free.




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