Hi! My name is Cedric. I am a full-stack developer and consultant specialized in Zendesk. If you are missing a feature or functionality, I am the guy who loves to plan, develop and integrate it for you. How? Let's have a chat. I can't wait to hear about your ideas.

Cedric F. Jacob

Developer, Zendesk Expert, Blogger

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My Mission

My mission is to enable businesses to provide the best possible service to their customers. I strive to understand my client's day-to-day challenges in order to plan and to integrate custom solutions that make their lives easier.

My success is measured by the satisfaction of my clients, their employees as well as their customers.

What I Do

I am a German developer, consultant and blogger. I post about personal as well as work-related topics including, but not limited to, anything tech-related. I love working on challenging projects and specialize in Zendesk customization. You are missing a Zendesk feature? Do you need me to create a Zendesk app, change the Help-Center / Guide or add any other functionality to your Zendesk environment? Hit me up, because this is what I love doing!

I also specialize in customer service strategies and the optimization of existing structures. I do this by analyzing, planing, creating and maintaining more efficient, scale-able solutions that are rooted in customized work-flows. I love making things easier and consequently faster for support teams. Any questions? Feel free to contact me!

But even though I love my job, working is not all I do. Learn more about me here.

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